Student Organizations  

Student Organizations:

Student Affiliate Organization (SAO) and Mu Upsilon Alpha (MUA)

The Student Affiliate Organization (SAO)

All Mercer students who are interested in pursuing professional counseling licensure are invited to join our SAO organization. The SAO at Mercer will offer many benefits including information on licensure requirements, opportunities for professional networking, training and workshop opportunities, and opportunities to participate in the annual LPCA conference. If you are interested in joining Mercer's LPCA SAO, please visitus at contact us

Get Involved with Mercer's LPCA SAO

Mercer's SAO Mission Statement

SAO is a student charter with membership eligibility comprised of students enrolled in the Community Counseling graduate degree program who seek to promote and serve the Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia by:

  • Providing a unified voice for Counseling Students at Mercer University
  • Organizing seminars, workshops, and networking opportunities for Counseling Students
  • Implementing a membership program with professionals and students
  • Distributing information about licensure requirements, career opportunities and other pertinent information students may need
  • Mentoring and influencing state and national legislature.
The Licensed Professional Counselors Association of Georgia (LPCA) is the professional organization for counseling in Georgia. LPCA recognizes and assists in the establishment and maintenance of student chapters known as Student Affiliate Organizations (SAOs). AOs exist to mentor students into the profession of Professional Counseling and to assist in the transition from academia to practice. SAOs are formed to assist graduate students in their awareness of the counseling profession. They provide networking opportunities both with other students and practicing professionals. SAOs disperse information about licensure requirements, professional organizations, and career opportunities. SAOs endeavor to involve their members in the activities of LPCA. These include professional activities, continuing education opportunities, government relations, networking, support, and consumer advocacy. Mercer's Counseling program has established its own SAO in an effort to provide the benefits of LPCA to all interested Community Counseling students. LPCA membership is available to all Counseling graduate students at the discounted rate of only $25 for the first year and $35 for the second year. The SAO will hold both regular member meetings and monthly officer meetings.LPCA of Georgia membership benefits include:
  • Free workshops for continuing education hours (CE)
  • Annual convention for continuing education, networking, and leisure at a reduced LPCA member rate
  • Free quarterly newsletter with information, contacts, and resources
  • Free annual journal
  • Discounted professional liability insurance
  • Registry of counselor supervisors
  • Legislative advocacy - Protecting the legal interests of professional counselors in Georgia
  • Professional networking opportunities
  • LPCA board representation from your district
Are you interested in networking and getting your name known in the counseling field? If so, VOLUNTEER today at the LPCA of Georgia main office, located in Decatur. LPCA is currently in need of volunteers to assist in helping with membership data input. If you have a computer with internet access at home, you can volunteer from home. Interested? Call Gale Mackey today at 404-370-0200 or email


Licensed Professional Counselor Training (sponsored and maintained byMercer's students of SAO) or visit our state LPCA of Georgia

American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA)

Composite Board of Professional Counselors, Social Workers, and Marriage and Family

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