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Course grades are generally posted on transcripts about one week after the end of each semester.  Students who need transcripts for specific purposes, such as change in certification levels should be certain to request that the transcript be printed after the current semester grades are posted.  Federal law prohibits the posting of grades in public places; therefore, course grades are not posted in faculty offices.  Office personnel are not allowed to give out grades over the telephone or in person unless an instructor has provided specific written instructions regarding a student's grade.

Grades of "IC" (incomplete) are assigned only in cases in which a relatively small part of the semester's work remains incomplete due to illness or some other reason acceptable to the instructor.  The work must be completed during the next semester in which the student enrolls with Mercer.  If an IC is not cleared by the mid-point/mid-term (RACs - beginning of Session 2) of the next semester in which the student is enrolled, the IC will be changed to a grade of F.  If the student does not re-enroll and the work is not completed within twelve months after the IC is assigned, the IC will be changed to a grade of F.  The incomplete grade is not given in cases where the student's work is below passing or in cases where the student has failed to complete satisfactorily the majority of the course requirements.  It is the responsibility of the student to contact the instructor to initiate the removal of the IC.  All IC grades must be removed before degrees are awarded or before students can be recommended for certification.

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