Reasons to Choose this Program  
  1. By pursuing a liberal arts degree in economics, students can immerse themselves in the rich liberal arts environment that Mercer offers and earn a degree that will offer many career opportunities moving forward. 
  2. Economics has been identified as one of the “hottest” majors in the country in recent years.
  3. Opportunities for, and the average salaries of, economists have been steadily increasing.
  4. Economics will never be rendered obsolete.
  5. A career in economics is very flexible.

What Students Do with this Degree After They Graduate

  1. Firms and other organizations, regardless of the era, have always valued sound decision making in an environment of scarcity.  As a result, economics majors find themselves qualified to fill a wide range of jobs. 
  2. It is not unusual to find that economics majors have become business managers, public administrators, research analysts, environmental economists, stock brokers, or urban and regional planners.  An academic background in economics can also serve as a springboard for successful graduate studies. 
  3. A recent study in the Journal of Economic Education analyzed law school exam entrance scores of students by undergraduate major and found that economics majors earned the highest average score. 
  4. Studying economics certainly appears to provide fruitful preparation for law school hopefuls. 
  5. Additionally, graduate studies in economics can lead to advanced employment opportunities in industry and government as well as teaching and research careers in academics.
What students love about this program:

An understanding of economics is, in our very biased view, tantamount to an understanding of life! 

Economics is a social science.  By studying the basics of economics, one develops keen insights into the behavior of firms, people and organizations. Such insights help to understand, predict and perhaps even influence the behavior of each of these entities.

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