Mercer Unveils New Athletic Spirit Marks
June 13, 2007

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Sybil Blalock, associate athletic director and senior woman administator, and Bobby Pope, director of athletics, with the new Mercer Athletic Spirit Marks

MACON, Ga. – The Mercer University Athletics Department unveiled four new spirit marks on Wednesday, symbols of a dynamic text and color scheme that bring a new look and new opportunities to the Bears’ athletics program.  

The primary Mercer athletic logo features the letter “M” with a bear head. Secondary marks featuring the university name, the university name along with the nickname and a mark using the letters “MU” were also created. 

“We believe these new spirit marks add to our college environment,” said Athletics Director Bobby Pope. “They present us with many more options and give a real collegiate look. We can utilize them for merchandise as well as uniforms, but at the same time we are not getting away from our traditional logo.”

The new-look marks are geared to appeal to the student-athlete of this era and will complement the current logo, in use since the early 1980s, as the department continues to build on the excitement generated by building of the University Center, upgrades to Claude Smith Field and the recent renovation of Sikes Field. An expected advantage of utilizing multiple spirit marks is added versatility, with the logos appearing on the stationery, vehicles, signage, athletic venues, uniforms and on, the official web site of the Mercer athletics department. 

“I think they are cool,” said the women’s basketball trio of TaShera Lewis, Megan delaRosa and Nicole Leonard, adding “our favorite is the one with the Mercer on top and Bears underneath. We are looking forward to having the new logos on various athletic items.” 

Athletics is expected to phase the spirit marks in over time as the department continues to grow and expand, taking advantage of additional merchandising and marketing opportunities. The University Relations Office at Mercer designed the logos, which are licensed.    

“They look good,” said forward Bian Pfohl of the men’s basketball squad.

 “I like them,” added guard James Florence. “My favorite is the Mercer with Bears and the bear head under it. That one has all the pieces in one logo.”

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