Mercer Senior Producing Mercer Sports Videos for National Service

The Mercer Bears are getting new coverage online, thanks to a Mercer journalism student. Mercer Athletics are being featured in videos for UWIRE’S sports magazine video series “Campus Pulse,” produced by Mercer senior Shari Perkins, of Cumming.

“Campus Pulse” is a weekly video series on college sports, created entirely by students on the ground at campuses around the country.  The series aims to capture the culture and excitement surrounding college athletics and promote the best young broadcast journalists around the country.

The video series will run on,, and  It will also be available for use by UWIRE affiliate newspapers and television stations.  Select segments will be used on “College Sports Tonight,” the nightly news program for CBS College Sports cable network.

Perkins first heard about UWIRE while she was interning with CBS in Washington, D.C., this summer and jumped at the chance. Perkins has always wanted to work in the journalism, but, just recently, she decided that she wanted to get into broadcast journalism.  UWIRE provided the prefect opportunity. 

“I thought that working with UWIRE would be a great opportunity for me to learn more about broadcasting, build my experience, and try an activity that I may want to pursue as a career,” said Perkins.

To view Perkins’ first video, click here:

According to UWIRE, the series provides an opportunity for aspiring broadcast journalists to get exposure and experience crafting short-form videos for a national audience.  Student producers are asked to produce at least one segment each month that is four to five minutes long.  Segment ideas are developed in coordination with the UWIRE and CBS College Sports team.

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