University Launches Updated Web Site

Mercer launched its redesigned Web site ( Oct. 1, the first major redesign in three years. In addition to a new look and feel, the Mercer home page will be updated regularly to highlight programs, achievements and initiatives that demonstrate the distinctives that contribute to Mercer’s uniqueness — liberal learning, professional knowledge, discovery, service to humankind and community. Visitors to the site will be able to control which feature stories are highlighted on the home page by selecting from embedded thumbnail photos.

Mercer’s 11 schools and colleges are also more prominently featured on the new home page, navigation has been improved and a new “spotlight” feature has been introduced to showcase major upcoming events and other announcements.

A task force of more than 30 faculty and staff members from across the University worked for nine months under the leadership of Daniel Manson, director of online communications, and Rob Saxon, director of web management, to design and launch the new site.

Significant changes were made to the Academics, Admissions, About Mercer, News and Features, Alumni, Campus Life and Gifts to Mercer sections of the web site. In conjunction with the launch of the new web site, the University also unveiled its own Mercer-branded YouTube channel ( where videos of events, lectures, programs, campus activities and basketball coaches’ shows will be posted for viewing.

More changes to will be coming in the months ahead, as attention turns to revamping web sites for schools and colleges and administrative departments.

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