Binary Bears Win 2010 CCSC Programming Competition Title

Mercer's Binary Bears top computer programming team finished first in the Southeastern Small College Programming Contest on Nov. 13. Sponsored by the Consortium for Computing Sciences in Colleges, the competition was held at Spelman College.

The Binary Bears’ top team solved all eight problems in the set, and was the only team to solve every problem correctly. Wofford College placed second in the contest after solving seven problems correctly. Mercer’s second team placed fifth among the 22 teams. The contest was a timed, three-hour event for four-person teams from smaller schools without graduate programs in computer science. The contest is held annually in conjunction with the Consortium for Computing Sciences Southeastern conference.

“The teams did a great job. The top team kept their poise while trailing for the first two hours of the contest,” said. Dr. Andy Digh, associate professor of computer science and Binary Bears adviser. “Each of their solutions passed some difficult test cases, and their solution for the final problem came with 45 minutes left on the clock.”

The first-place team was composed of Chip Bell, a senior computer science major from Juliette; Chris Kirkland, a junior math and computer science major from Newnan; Charles Mood, a senior computational science major from Farr West, Utah; and Eric O’Connor, a senior math and computer science major from Andover, Mass.

Mercer’s fifth-place team included Thomas Evans, a junior computer science major from Richmond Hill; Steven Hussung, a freshman computer engineering major from New Market, Tenn.; Levi Lewis a junior computer science major from Savannah; and Zach Morrison, a senior electrical engineering major from Toccoa.

Mercer now holds seven CCSC titles – 2007 in Myrtle Beach, 2006 in Nashville, 2005 in Hickory, 2004 in Spartanburg, 2002 in Greenville and 1995 in Nashville.

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