Mercer to Hold Nation’s First Moot Court Ethics and Professionalism Competition

Mercer Law School will hold the nation’s first moot court competition in legal ethics and professionalism on Nov. 12-13. Sixteen teams from law schools across the country are scheduled to participate in the competition.

The competition builds upon Mercer Law’s national leadership in legal ethics and professionalism. Mercer Law students take six required hours of ethics and professionalism, including a first-year course in which students explore the many aspects of being an ethical lawyer. Students also benefit from an experiential learning program that emphasizes the development of an ethical professional identity, a broad array of advanced ethics electives, and a comprehensive approach to ethics infused through Mercer Law School’s innovative Woodruff Curriculum. This approach stems from the law faculty’s commitment to infusing issues of ethics throughout the entirety of a student’s legal education. Additionally, the Mercer Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism engages in a variety of in-house and outreach educational activities with the purpose of improving the professionalism of students, lawyers and judges.

The American Bar Association has recognized the Woodruff Curriculum with the Gambrell Professionalism Award, citing its “depth and excellence” and “obvious commitment to professionalism.” More recently, Professor Patrick Longan, the William Augustus Bootle Chair in Legal Ethics and Professionalism and director of the Center for Legal Ethics and Professionalism at Mercer Law School, was awarded the National Award for Innovation and Excellence in Teaching Professionalism by the ABA Standing Committee on Professionalism, the National Conference of Chief Justices, and the Burge Endowment for Law & Ethics.

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