School of Medicine Earns High Marks in Recent Study

The Mercer School of Medicine received significant recognition in the recently released study of medical school graduates of 1999-2001 published in the June 15 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine. Mercer was ranked No. 8 among the nation’s 141 medical schools in Primary Care Output, No. 30 in the nation in Health Professional Shortage Area Physician Output and No. 41 in the nation in medical school rankings based on Social Mission Score.

In analyzing the ranking results, the study assumed the basic purpose of medical schools is to educate physicians to care for the national population. Fulfilling this goal requires an adequate number of primary care physicians, adequate distribution of physicians to underserved areas and a sufficient number of minority physicians in the work force.

“While this study is focused principally on primary care, there is a need in the state of Georgia for physicians of all specialties,” said Dr. William F. Bina III, dean of the School of Medicine.  “Mercer ranks highly in these categories because it has not deviated from its mission established in 1982 to educate physicians and health professionals to meet the primary care and health care needs of rural and medically underserved areas of Georgia.”

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