Ed Leadership - Spring 2014  
EDEL Course Schedule Spring 2014
Course Number Course Title Day Instructor Time Term Format
EDEL 607.A11 Higher Education Organization and Governance of 4-Year Institutions M Boggs 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL601.A11 Introduction to Higher Education M Harris 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 824.A21 Legal Research and Analysis M Jenkins 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 845.A11 Higher Ed Law M Jenkins 5-9:45 1 Video-conference
EDEL 705.ONL Pre-service I (online) N/A Arnett N/A 1 Online
EDEL 701.A12 Special Topics in Educational Leadershp (Cultural {erspectives in HE) T Larde 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 813.A12 Advanced Inferential Statistics T Balloun 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 655.A14 School Law and Ethics (video-conference) Th Felton 5-9:45 1 Video-conference
EDEL 621.A14 Foundations of Independent Schools Th TBA 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 813.A14 Advanced Inferential Statistics Th Balloun 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL695.A14 Educa'l Research for School Lead Th Isaac 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 816.A13 Comprehensive Planning in Higher Education W Bouie 5-9:45 1 Video-conference
EDEL 831.A13 Effective Human Resource Practices W Davis 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 800.A13 Advanced Leadership Theory W Artman 5-9:45 1 Face-to-Face
EDEL 609.A21 Internship M Harris 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 812.A23 Qualitative Research W Larde 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 665.A21 Leadership in Instructional Supervision (video-conference) M Davis 5-9:45 2 Video-conference
EDEL 706.ONL Pre-service II (online) N/A Felton N/A 2 Online
EDEL 624.A22 Legal and Ethical Requirements of Independent School Leaders T Jnkins 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 825.A22 Cognition and Learning T Isaac 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 841.A22 Higher Ed Student Affairs T Artman 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL602.A24 Introduction to Higher Education Th Harris 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 843.A23 Academic Affairs in HE W Boggs 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL612.A23 Human Resources Management W Balloun 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 823.A23 Human Motivation Leadership W Davis 5-9:45 2 Face-to-Face
EDEL 897.A01 Independent Research N/A O'Phelan 5-9:45 16- weeks Face-to-Face
EDEL 899.A01 Dissertation II M O'Phelan 5-9:45 16-weeks Face-to-Face
EDEL 897.A10 Independent Research N/A O'Phelan 5-9:45 16-weeks Face-to-Face
EDEL 645(B)A01 Performance-based Internship N/A Verdi N/A 16-weeks Face-to-Face
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