School of Business - Summer 2014  
Business - Summer 2014
All courses 3 credit hours unless otherwise noted.
Atlanta BBA, Flex MBA, and Macc classes offered from 6:00 - 10:15pm Monday - Thursday
Douglas BBA offered from 5:30 - 9:45pm Monday and Thursday
Henry BBA offered from 5:30 - 9:45pm Wednesday and 8:15am - 12:30pm Saturday
*All 3 credit courses will include an additional 210 minutes of contact time, documented on the syllabus
BBA Online Classes
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - June 20 {MCN} or July 14 {ATL}) Day Instructor
ECN 150.1W1 Principles of Microeconomics Online Antonio Saravia
ECN 301.1W1 Money, Credit and Banking Online Cory Jackson
BUS 346.1W1 Legal, Ethical & Regulatory I Online -MCN James Hunt
BUS 349.1W1 Mgt Infor Systems Online -MCN David Cozart
MKT 477.1W1 Spc Top Marketing: Leveraging Social Media Online -MCN Ania Rynarzewska
Summer III 2014 (May 19 - July 26) Day Instructor
ACC 205.3W1 Intro/Managerial Accounting Online -MCN Stephanie Morris
MGT 382.3W1 Prod/Operatn Management Online -MCN David Mayfield
ECN 353.3W1 Introduction to Econometrics Online -MCN Aleksandar Tomic
BBA Atlanta  
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - July 14) Day Instructor
MGT 498.A11 Strategic Mgt/Bus Policy M Gerry Mills
MKT 415.A11 Marketing Research M Etienne Musonera
ACC 377.A12 Cost Accounting T Russ Ciokiewicz
BUS 348.A12 Employment Law T Jody Blanke
ECN 444.A13  International Economics & Finance W Howard Ho
MGT 423.A13 Organizational Behavior W Lloyd Southern
MKT 361.A14 Principles of Marketing R Jason Rollins
MGT 427.A14 Entrepreneurship R Perkins
BBA Douglas
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - July 14) Day Instructor
MGT 363.1D1M Principles of Management M Arthur Kent
MGT 429.1D1R Human Resource Management R Lloyd Southern
BBA Henry
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - July 14) Day Instructor
ECN 151.1H1W Principles of Macroeconomics W Antonio Saravia
ACC 204.1H1S Intro/Financial Accounting S Russ Ciokiewicz
MBA & MAcc Online
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - July 14) Instructor
BAA 609.1W1 Corporation Finance Online Vijaya Subrahmanyam
BA 681.1W1 International Marketing Online Etienne Musonera
BA 625.1W1 Special Topics: Privacy Law and Policy Online Jody Blanke
ACC 640.1W1 Adv Int'l Acctg Topics Online Julie Petherbridge
Summer II 2014 (July 15 - August 11)
BAA 505.2W1 Found of Macro & Micro Ecn Online Roger Tutterow
BAA 510.2W1 Found of Accounting & Finance Online Julie Petherbridge
BAA 515.1W1 Found of Marketing & Management Online J.M. Weber
Flex MBA and Macc  
Summer I 2014 (May 19 - July 14) Day Instructor
ACC 603.A11 Seminar in Taxation  M Allen Rubenfield
BAA 607.A11 Mgt Information Systems M Jody Blanke
BAA 603.A12 Financial & Managerial Accounting T Sean Chen
BA 625.A12 Special Topics: Private Equity and Venture Capital: The Financing of Innovation & Growth T Roger Tutterow
ACC 620.A13 Acctg & Tax Research W Allen Rubenfield
BAA 605.A13 Marketing Concepts & Practices W Michael Weber
BAA 699.A13 MBA Capstone W Gerry Mills
BA 625.A14 Special Topics: Project Management R Etienne Musonera
Summer II 2014 (July 15 - August 11) Day Instructor
BA 625.A22 Special Topics: Corporate Governance TR Vijaya Subrahmanyam
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