Registration Notes  

Special Course Requirements

Many courses require departmental/instructor approval for registration or have specific prerequisite requirements. See the current University Catalog for pre-requisites and course descriptions.


Attendance on First Day of Class

The demand for registration in many courses exceeds the enrollment capacity, with the result that these classes often "close" during the early and open registration periods. Some courses carry "Wait Lists" for students interested in registering for these courses should space become available. It is mandatory that students attend classes on the first class day of the semester. Students who are absent on the first class day, who have not made prior arrangements with the instructor, may be disenrolled from the course in order to allow registration of students on wait lists. However, students should not assume they will be dropped for non-attendance.

Private Music Instruction

A limited number of students can be accepted for individual lessons in voice, organ, piano, and orchestra and various band instruments. A special fee is charged for this instruction and one to two hours credit may be earned. Students must be taking other courses at Mercer in order to be eligible to take lessons. Instructors and times for individual lessons may be arranged through the Townsend School of Music. Students must register for private music lessons at the point of registration.

Special Grading

Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Grading Option (S/U). Students in the College of Liberal Arts, Tift College of Education, Townsend School of Music, and Stetson School of Business and Economics are permitted to take two courses per year on a "satisfactory/unsatisfactory" basis. Students must indicate the "S/U" grade option on their registration form or submit a "change form for optional satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading basis" (required if students registers via the web) and have until the fourth class day of the semester (end of late registration, drop/add period) to change the grade option. Courses graded on the "S/U" basis count toward total hours earned but do not affect quality hours nor carry grade points. As other stipulations do apply, please refer to the University Catalog for further information on the Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory grading option. Students planning to attend any graduate schools/programs should be aware of the program's rules regarding S/U grades.

Class Audit. Full-time students may audit, with appropriate approval, any courses for which they are eligible. There is no special audit fee for full-time students. Courses audited may not be established for credit by examination, nor may audit courses be changed to credit courses after the last official course change day. Auditors submit no daily work, take no examinations, and receive no credit for courses audited. They may participate in the class discussion only with the permission of the instructor. An official entry of "Audit" on the permanent academic record shall be made only if 75 percent of the classes are attended. Students should register for desired courses on an "AU" basis at the point of registration. Please refer to the University Catalog for further information on auditing restrictions.

Course Repeats. A student may repeat a course in which he/she earned a grade of D, F or U in order to improve the grade, and have the second earned grade replace the first. The original course attempt and grade will remain on the record, but will not affect the GPA. Refer to University Catalog for limitations on repeating courses.

Cross Registration

Traditional day students with extraordinary circumstances who need to register in evening courses must get permission from the dean's office of their home school and the dean's office of the host school, in addition to their advisor's approval. A separate registration form is required. Students who do receive approvals may not be registered in those courses until after evening programs' registration for the term/session.

Registration Notes/Information

DLC - Distance Learning/ On-Line Course. Times listed without meeting rooms indicate when students are expected to be on-line for class.

IDP under LEC MEET DAYS means class meetings are independently arranged by the instructor.

PREREQ REQ under REGISTRATION NOTES indicates that there are prerequisites that must be satisfied before you may register for class (registration will be allowed if you are currently enrolled in a prerequisite course). Check the University Catalog for a comprehensive list of prerequisites.

TRAVEL COURSE under REGISTRATION NOTES means the class involves study abroad or some other travel component. Check with the department offering the course for details.

Web CT Indicates that the instructor will use Web CT for part or all of the course.

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