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Undergraduate Day Program Students

The “Registration Guide” and the University Catalog contain details regarding advising and registration. These instructions are valid for MyMercer. Should any change in procedure occur, instructions will be posted on the Registrar’s pages on Mercer’s web site.

To make sure you can sign into MyMercer and to check for any holds that may prevent registration, you should sign on a few days before your registration time window opens.
  • Time out occurs in fifteen (15) minutes if there is no activity on the web screens.
  • You cannot register on the web for classes that require a signature. Get signature and register in person in the Registrar’s Office at your convenience.
  • To select S/U grading option, complete the S/U form or submit your signed registration form to the Registrar’s Office anytime before registration ends.
To Sign on MyMercer:
  1. Go to http://www.mercer.edu
  2. Select Current Students
  3. Under General Resources, click on MyMercer
  4. Click on ‘Student Portal Homepage
  5. User Name: Enter Mercer ID
Click on Login

On your home page, check for Registration holds and the corresponding messages.
To Register Via the Web:
  1. On the top bar, select Online Registration

    Note: If your account is on hold for any reason, you will receive the error “Online Registration is not available” with a stop sign. If your registration date and time are in the future, your display will be “Group Closed.”

  2. Select your enrollment and term as applicable.

  3. Click on Begin Online Registration.

  4. The Display default on the left of the screen is “Required courses”. You may click the “Elective” option to bring up other available course options. To see sections available for courses appearing, click the + sign to the left of course to expand the course selection.

    PreReq, if applicable, will appear - click to see prerequisites.

    Click on the + beside the section to select the course.

  5. If you do not see courses that you want to register for, use the Quick Add feature. You must enter the complete exact course information (include period) under Course Code. Example:
    CLA HIS 111.
    Then under Section enter the number as appears on the schedule. Examples:
  6. After choosing all courses needed, make sure your schedule is correct. Remove any courses that may have been listed in error using the minus sign.

  7. Click Proceed to Final Step.

  8. If all information is correct, click on Register/Drop. Your course schedule will now be complete.

  9. If you need to unregister/drop a class, a box will pop up for you to select a reason. Select and enter. Course will be dropped from your registration.
Be sure to proceed through all steps to complete registration.
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